The Women in Athlete Development Symposium & Networking Event is designed to help you define your career pathway in sports and create a plan to help you achieve your goals. As a participant, you will hear, discuss and interact with women industry leaders in various aspects of athlete development at the collegiate and professional levels and entrepreneurs on how to:

  • Enter/advance in the athlete development field
  • Identify/pursue diverse athlete development-related career opportunities
  • Acquire the education, training and experiences needed in the field
  • Build a network necessary for career advancement
  • Overcome gender barriers
  • Market your unique skill set

The inaugural University of Florida (LADR) Research Consortium will provide attendees with an opportunity to gain valuable and timely insights from academic and industry scholars that are conducting research in the field of athlete development to share their findings and exchange ideas with other researchers and industry professionals. The Consortium will showcase current research being conducted by women in academia and the athlete development industry. Sessions:

  • Student Research Presentations
  • Faculty Research Presentations
  • Panel Presentations on Evaluation Research in Athlete Development

Panel Discussion Topics

College Sport Student-Athlete Development Practices

  • Preparation, Training, Professional Development
  • Critical Skill Set, Relevant Programming
  • Hot Topics, Trends, Best Practices

Entering and Contributing to the Field of Athlete Development

  • Critical Skills, Attributes, Experiences
  • Hiring, Evaluating, Promoting, Mentoring
  • Hot Topics, Trends

Navigating the Landscape of Professional Athlete Development

  • Defining Athlete Development
  • Hot Topics, Trends
  • Professional vs College Athlete Development

Alternative Careers in Athlete Development

  • Building Your Brand
  • Turning Passion into Profit
  • Research and Innovation
  • Steps to Making a Successful Transition

**topics subject to change